outfit post: white jeans, print top, jean jacket, black patent wedges

Inspiration - Reese Witherspoon

My new white jeans from Target! (Another addition supplementing my 'normal' wardrobe with bigger sized clothes while I work on the baby weight.) I like the Denizen brand at Target because the denim is heavier and feels better quality then other pairs of cheap-y jeans I get from Target or Old Navy. And especially with white jeans - I don't want them being too thin and showing off any lumps or bumps that they shouldn't!

Looking for inspiration for the white jeans - I pinned like twenty Reese Witherspoon outfits. She is definitely the celebrity I emulate the most. She has such cute & relatable style.

Blouse worn previously:
Also - from December: 23 ways to wear a jean jacket.



  1. Great outfit and look. Those jeans are cute and slimming. Also good job on your progress on losing the after pregnancy weight.

  2. I LOVE this look! I would totally wear it and I am pinning it as a reminder. You are looking so awesome after baby. :)


    1. Thanks! Hope your outfit works out great!

  3. Love this outfit! FYI - the jeans you linked to as 'shop same' are Mossimo brand and not Denizen. I actually went to Target yesterday after you mentioned white jeans, and the Denizen ones are what I got, so they are probably the same!

    1. Thanks! Oopsie. Thank you! Updated the link. :)

  4. You look great! And it's fabulous that you are letting us all follow along with you on the weight loss. I think we can all relate ;)

  5. cute outfit! question - did you unroll the jeans? i tried them on and they seemed to be much shorter than yours...


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