outfit post: navy silk blouse, black dress pants, black pumps

Inspiration - Banana Republic

Right now I am wearing a pretty small number of outfits on repeat while I try to lose weight and work my way back into the non-maternity section of my closet. Since I still have a few pictures leftover from my 'body double' photo sessions that I'm going to share those with you guys when I don't have a new current outfit. :)

I love how this outfit feels no-nonsense professional and sophisticated. Sometimes a simple blouse in a strong color with basic black pants are all you need to look like a bad-ass worker bee.

Blouse worn previously:


  1. This look is easy, but professional - perfect!


  2. Target also has a similar shirt! Affordable price point and a few colors to choose from. I was actually looking at their blue one so it's nice to see how to pull it off! I got a promotion and need to step up my wardrobe game since I'll be working at our corporate offices, so I'm finding these posts way more helpful than I ever imagined!

    1. Thanks for the tip! And I'm so happy to hear you find the blog useful! :)


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