outfit post: print blouse, jean jacket, black pencil skirt, grey suede pumps

Inspiration - J.Crew Factory

Sometimes certain combinations of clothing surprise me and look more like cohesive outfits then other attempts. This outfit is one of them - I really really like it. I've been trying to pin-point what exactly makes me love it so and the main thought that I land on is the (often mentioned) TLC What Not To Wear show formula: Basic Bottom + Printed Top + Completer Piece Jacket = foolproof outfit. I also think I really like the color combination - the bottom & top are both super neutral in black and white and then the jacket adds some color with blue. And for a tiny bit of interest there is the slightly unusual choice (but still neutral) grey shoe.

I really want to improve my ability to analyze outfit components to better convey what I like & thinks works & why that is here on the blog... Any other thoughts on explaining why I like this so much and it seems to 'just work'?

*Body double post


  1. I think there's something going on with the mix of dressy and casual elements, too.

  2. Great outfit! The jacket looks perfect with the rest of the clothes. Thank you!
    G Salazar.

  3. I agree with you! I probably never would have picked this combo out of my own closet - but it totally works!


  4. Whenever you mix two opposites, they usually work if done in the right fabrics and proportions. Eg, a formal dress with a casual jacket over it, or a mannish suit with a very feminine lacy blouse. But you always have to make it work for your body, etc. Easy to mess it up too! :)

    --your friend Anne

  5. Like others have said, I think it's the mix of formal and casual - generally, those are things that wouldn't go together. Also, I think the different textures make it really eye-catching without being too over the top


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