outfit post: black sweater, grey wool mini skirt, black ankle boots

Inspiration - Reese Witherspoon

My Florida brain finds winter "going out" clothes really difficult to figure out. If the outfit is fun/sexy enough it's usually too cold or if it's warm enough I usually feel too bundled up to be cute. I like this outfit because it is pretty warm (compared to a typical night on the town outfit) yet still sexy/cute.

One thing I miss about living in DC - while I appreciate that we don't have consistently cold weather - we very rarely have any sort of coat check at our nighttime drinking establishments. So that means on cold nights you can either make a dash from your car to the bar and hope for no line or lug your coat around with you all night. Super fun choice. :)

*Body double post


  1. I haven't visited your blog in a while, so a belated "Congrats on the Sweet Baby Girl!" to you! I just wanted to say amen to this post. I live in Georgia so I have the same problem of trying to figure out how to dress cute and warm at the same time. I CANNOT figure it out. Thanks for this suggestion. We occasionally have cold weather, but we are on a two week stretch here... I don't own enough winter clothes for that long! lol! Usually we have a few days of 60 degree weather in between cold spurts. I usually do the freeze and dash routine so that I don't have to lug my coat around. My three kids are big fans of that method and do not understand this layering thing at all! Trying to convince them to wear more than one shirt is hopeless. It's such a foreign concept to them! I look forward to seeing your posts again when the baby fog wears off. The beautify of this time is... she's the best accessory you've ever owned! No one will even notice what you are wearing if she's with you! :)


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