2014 in review - outfit posts: mint cardigan - 17 ways

As part of my annual year end wrap up, I have gathered together some of my favorite & most worn pieces of clothing from 2014 plus a few favorites from the blogging archives. I think it's interesting & fun to to see all the different ways I wore the same thing. Hope you enjoy the look back too! 

Award for most worn cardigan last year goes to my mint cardigan! 

It's such a fun color for all seasons of the year. Looking at the review pictures - it looks like I mostly like pairing it with neutral patterns (black, white or navy) but there was also the occasional outfit using a yellow or green print.

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  1. Aaannnddd now I have a mint cardigan on order. Should arrive Saturday! :)

    I got this one: http://www.target.com/p/boyfriend-cardigan-mossimo-supply-co/-/A-15176467 for $12.58 after the extra 10% off.

    1. Cute! I hope you love yours as much as I love mine! :)


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