2014 in review - outfit posts: black suit jacket - 17 ways

As part of my annual year end wrap up, I have gathered together some of my favorite & most worn pieces of clothing from 2014 plus a few favorites from the blogging archives. I think it's interesting & fun to to see all the different ways I wore the same thing. Hope you enjoy the look back too! 

When I was starting out in the working world the only officially professional thing I owned was the suit I bought for the career fair my junior year of college. As I focused on building my work wardrobe, I often wore the suit pants with various blouses, which was great, but I very rarely wore the suit jacket. At the time it just seemed to me like the jacket only worked as part of the suit. But over the past few years I've tried to get better about using suit jackets to mix and match with other pieces in my closet. I'm trying to teach myself that it doesn't just have to be worn with the pants/skirt that it was purchased with and has lots of opportunities to be worn on a more regular (and less formal) basis. These are some of the outfits that I've come up with...

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  1. Breaking up my suits and wearing them as separates is something I struggle with too. Thanks for the inspiration.


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