outfit post: navy a-line midi skirt, white button down shirt, burgundy pointed toe pumps

Inspiration - Carolina Herrera

Love the elegant and classic Carolina Herrera. How amazing that she has dressed first ladies from Jackie Kennedy to Michelle Obama. I'm always happy to take a style inspiration from someone known as being, "elegant and worldly without ever being fussy." Love an outfit built totally from closet classics.


*Body double post


  1. Do you wear nylons to work? I know nylons are something from the 1980s, it just seems unprofessional to have bear legs at work. I'd love to know your thoughts. Thanks, Laura

    1. Most places I worked for, bare legs were a no-no. I for one never really minded because (as a bigger girl) I needed that little bit of support. I've started to wear yoga shorts under my dresses, as well.

    2. I think it just depends on the how formal the work environment is. Since I work at a software company - we are lucky to keep the developers out of their jean shorts and star wars t-shirts -- so bare legs are the norm. (It's also Florida where is gets super hot.)

      But I have finance & lawyer friends who would never do bare legs for big meetings or court...

  2. If you have ever lived in Florida you know nylons are awfully hot! Bare legs are accepted.

  3. I really love this outfit, Thank you!
    g salazar.

  4. With all the crazy pattern mixing and bring colors, sometimes its nice to see such a clean and classic look. Bravo!



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