outift posts maternity: black maternity cap sleeve ponte dress, black flats

(29 weeks)
Inspiration - Kim Kardashian

Target strikes again. I had intended to stop buying any additional maternity work clothing but when I dropped by the store to grab a few necessities - this lovely, super stretchy ponte dress jumped into my shopping cart.

I'm starting to feel pretty giant (things like rings and shoes are now feeling tight) and getting dressed each morning is becoming more of a chore. A one-piece-and-you're-done dress in soft stretchy black fabric is exactly what I need as I stare with sleepy eyes at my small collection of maternity wear debating just working from the house in my PJs instead of going into the office. Thanks tar-jay!



  1. You still look pretty great to me! My ankles were already swelling by 29 weeks, making me embarrassed to wear short dresses!

    1. Thanks so much! It's so interesting to me to hear all the different pregnancy stories about how everyone's bodies do such different things at such different times!

  2. You look adorable!! Love that dress!


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