outfit post: teal sweater, grey 'editor' pants, brown t-strap heels

Some works days you get dressed up and wear an outfit with interest(!), texture(!) and pattern(!) with coordination & inspiration and that's wonderful. But other days, those not-enough-sleep or I-woke-up-really-late sort of days - where you just put on a soft sweater, dress pants and a cute necklace and call it a day. This outfit is the second one. :)

Really random totally off topic side-bar:
On Halloween we had a bunch of cute little trick-or-treaters, one of which was the sweet 5 year old girl who lives next door. When I answered the door I saw her fully decked out in Captain America gear, including the mask & shield.
  • Little Neighbor Girl (super excited): "Miss MK, guess who I am??"
  • Me: "Hmmm... are you Captain America?"
  • LNG : "NO! SILLY! (laughs with glee) It's EMILY!"
It was just the cutest little kid brain reaction to being dressed up. So adorable.

*Body double post