outfit post maternity: teal sweater, brown leather jacket, teal & grey infinity scarf, bootcut jeans, brown ballet flats

(28 weeks)
Inspiration - Heidi Klum

Got a cold snap in Florida finally! It seemed that it might be summer here forever and considering how warm my body keeps itself these days - it wasn't an awesome prospect. It was nice and chilly this weekend and I met up with my parents on Sunday to walk around a little art festival and eat gyros & boiled peanuts.

Side note - I was just trying to figure out what to put as the color of this jacket and I sat here for like two minutes blanking. Sometimes I feel like a color dummy when I'm putting together these posts. I struggle with too many choices of names for three colors ranges in particular - deep reds, teal-y blues & browns. For reds I feel like I could get lost in the naming of the various shades of deep red, burgundy, maroon, wine, plum, berry, magenta... or similarly for things in brown, I run though tan, caramel, cognac, camel, beige and on and on.

I could get specific and spend time correctly identifying the exact correct name of each shade but what I want to use (and I think would be most useful) is as simple a naming convention as I possibly can without being a total idiot and calling something a color it is absolutely not. The less variation in color terms that I use means that searching & sorting of posts are easier. The more I use the same convention the more like things will appear with like. I don't want to fall down the rabbit hole of using every possible exact color name. So most of the time I just sorta wing it. Which is how this jacket got called... drumroll... BROWN leather jacket. So original.



  1. I think this is a really flattering look for you! Growing up, I always envisioned the more flowy maternity tops and dresses, and I thought it was weird when the more fitted stuff got popular 10 years ago or so (?). I've come to see that those fitted looks are often the most flattering!

    1. Thanks!! Depending on the day - I go back and forth between fitted & flowy. Some days just thinking of wearing fitted things seem like the most unflattering & uncomfortable idea ever and others I embrace it.

  2. Love this outfit! Not pregnant, but it's super cute :)

  3. What a cute momma-to-be! I love this look!! And I like seeing clothes that actually fit. I hate to be mean, but you and your body double aren't the same size so the ill fitting outfits don't have the same effect. Its nice of her to help you though!


    1. Thank you! I keep telling my friend she needs to fatten up so she can be a more similar body double and my clothes would fit her better. :)

      I'm trying to find the right balance between maternity posts & her posts so that there is a little something for everyone. It's only a few more months until my due date and hopefully not too far after that things will go back to some new & better normal. Although then I'm worried about how long it'll take before I fit my old clothes again!

      This baby making is quite the adventure. Thanks for the feedback. I totally agree with you. I have more fun writing posts when I actually wear the clothes too! :)


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