outfit post maternity: kimono, black maternity tank, bootcut jeans, black flats

 (29 weeks)
Inspiration - Nicole Richie

This kimono was a birthday present from my mom a few weeks ago. It's huge and flowy and great for something different then a cardigan to throw over my tried & true maternity tanks.

Week 27:
Symptoms - After months of soreness my lower back is finally less achy. Which is totally amazing. Belly seems to growing faster now and I'm starting to have to contort a bit to reach my feet and tie my sneakers.

Food - Have been much better about eating lately. I've been on a pretty steady routine of eating the same thing over and over during the work week. Eggs, sprouted bread and spinach smoothies for breakfast. Yogurt for mid-morning snack. Chicken and veggies for lunch. Cheese & honeycrisp apple (<--sooo good!) for afternoon snack. And then a variety of reasonable dinners trying to have as many veggies as possible. Plus some chocolate here and there. And then on weekends with football & barbeques and out of town guests - I pay less attention. But had a checkup yesterday and I went from gaining 9 lbs between visits to 2 lbs. So the change it diet really helped!

Exercise - Still trucking along trying to get 5-6 miles in with my Fitbit while walking the pups. Podcasts are my best friend. Loving listening to Start up, Marketplace, Serial and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me.

Clothes - After have to buy multiple sizes of maternity pants as both my belly & bottom half grew - I'm trying to not buy much else for the next 10 weeks. Just going to do my best to mix & match jewelry and accessories with what I have.

Body - One thing that is a bit of a bummer is sometimes my hands swell a bit and my rings get tight. Mostly after I exercise but sometimes for a day or two at a time for no good reason. I don't want to stop wearing them but we will see what my body decides is going to happen.

Other fun new development is sometimes I can see the baby kicks when I'm looking at my stomach. Just little slight pokes coming from the inside out.

Prep - Had a 4D ultrasound this week and got a pretty cool 3D picture of the baby's face. Also took a TEN HOUR labor & delivery class last weekend with the hubs. Very informative but phew - that is a long time to talk about anything.



  1. Great job doing better with your eating! Love the kimono - super cute and good way to change it up.

    1. Thanks! Some days it's easy & routine to eat nutritiously and other days it's a struggle - but that's how food always is for me - nothing to do with being preggers! :)

  2. You look lovely! I've enjoyed your maternity style posts. I'm not currently pregnant ( 9 month old and 2 year old), but I hope to be again in a year or two. I love seeing how some of my favorite bloggers style reasonably priced maternity clothes.
    Awesome job with the healthy eating and exercise. It is SO hard when you're exhausted and uncomfortable. Way to go, Mama!

    1. Thanks so much! I'm still wrapping my head around caring for one infant - kudos to you for having two under 2! :)

  3. Love the Kimono! You look amazing!!!! Try Radiolab from WNYC as a good podcast:) http://www.radiolab.org/ I also had terrible lower back pain from my daughter. A chiropractor specializing in prenatal chiropractic can really help, after a few adjustment baby finally had room and I could sleep again at night:)

    1. Oh thanks for two great suggestions! I will definitely check out radiolab and I have a prenatal massage scheduled for this Friday. If that doesn't help- chiropractor is definitely next! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Super cute Kimono ... it looks like it is something that you will easily be able to wear post baby as well - maybe even tie it with a cute sash for a more form fitted look?!

  5. I just had a little one in August. I had issues with back. Yoga and floor stretches are your friend! Good luck. Keep up the good work!


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