Saturday, November 22, 2014

outfit post maternity: blue striped button down shirt, grey sweater, bootcut jeans, black flats

(30 weeks)
Inspiration - Jennifer Garner

We got a decent cold snap here in Florida this week (multiple nights in the 20s!) and trying to get this basketball of a belly dressed warmly has been quite the adventure. I wore this outfit to a Junior League meeting on Tuesday night and despite the fact this looks like a simple outfit - it was quite a lot of ups and downs getting these pieces put together.

Step 1 - my top half - good news: I only own two long sleeved maternity tops/sweaters which were both dirty in the hamper so I started trying on a bunch of my regular tops that I had written off as not fitting anymore. This striped button down shirt is still able to button but it pulls pretty badly around my stomach which made me think it was unwearable. But while I was trying it on - I all of a sudden realized that if I put a sweater on top of it then it would hide the gaping and become wearable. And then this grey sweater that I thought was out because it's too short to cover my whole belly worked out okay because the length of the shirt makes up for the shortness. Two pieces I thought were lost back into rotation! Yay!

Step 2 - my bottom half - bad news: I thought that this layered top half would look really cute with black pants tucked into black boots. So I tried on the cropped black pants I wore in the maternity capsule wardrobe just a few weeks ago and they were skin tight. Not cute. But pushing ahead I tried on my black riding boots and I sat there on the floor struggling around my belly to reach my feet to zip the boots for quite awhile before I realized it was impossible. My calves have grown and the boots were not going to zip. So I stood up and looked in the mirror and it was bad news bears. Sausage casing tight pants sort of tucked into unzipped too small boots - it was terrible. I just had to laugh at how ridiculous I looked. Another few pairs of pants & shoes bite the dust. And so I went and got my four-sizes-bigger-then-normal stretchy maternity jeans out of the hamper, sprayed them with some downy fabric refresher and headed for the door.

Step 3 - outer layer - acceptance: I put on my favorite coat of all time - the J.Crew Lady Day Coat -  on top of my outfit. And without even pausing I just accepted the fact there is zero chance the coat will bridge the 10 inch gap in front and become closable. It's gonna be a fat guy little coat situation for the next few months. Scarves will just have to make up for the open front. (I realize I'm very lucky that we only get frigid weather for spurts here and there in Florida so I can make it without a completely functioning coat.)

(PS I'm having so much fun reading all of your survey comments. You guys are really sweet and really funny. Thank you so much for taking time to give feedback! Love it.) 

(PPS here's me wearing the same sweater last February in a very similar outfit. Slightly different fit back then.)



    1. Ha, this describes me getting dressed every day now! 28 weeks, and I have really enjoyed your maternity posts.

      1. Glad to hear I'm not alone in my struggles! Happy to hear you find the maternity posts useful!

    2. LOL! Love it! Rock it momma. I haven't been able to read your blog (3 kids & a husband) in a while (obviously pre-pregnancy) and I am so GLAD to see you keeping it real. I loved to read your blog before because it was so down to earth. You have inspired me to seriously work on my wardrobe and I am light years ahead of where I might have been without it. THANK YOU!!!

      1. Very welcome! Thanks for the kinds words! :)

    3. Enjoy this time, it passes so very fast!!!

    4. I can definitely relate to your challenges! In my first pregnancy, I went from 125 to 195 lbs (I'm 5'4). At the end, getting dressed was a herculean effort. And this was seven years ago, so we weren't wearing leggings and loose tunics back then. Nothing fit, and when it did, I was basically a walking spectacle.

      I just want to say I'm so impressed that with your full-time job, you still find the time and energy to blog. You're looking great, and as always, I'm appreciating all your posts. :)

      1. Thank you so much! It's a balancing act now - but I keep telling myself its only going to get more complicated once there is an actual baby! So I tell myself I'll just try my best and see where everything lands! :)



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