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Inspiration - Miranda Kerr

On Sunday my friend D came over again for another multi-hour dress up session in my closet. We put together a zillion outfits and took photos while listening to Pandora and sipping champagne. (It was actually sparkling water for me but in a fun glass!) We took lots of pictures of cold weather appropriate outfits, work clothes and as well as a few holiday outfit ideas.

My hope is that this set of photos will help me keep this blog balanced with both maternity and non-maternity posts for the last few months of my pregnancy. (And however long postpartum until I can fit into some of my regular clothes.) Thanks for baring with me while I try to keep things interesting for everyone! :)

While talking with D during our marathon photo session - she mentioned she needs help in her own closet. After five years as a stay at home mom - she has gone back in the workforce as a medical rep. She asked if I would be willing to come over and help her figure out what a good set of work basics would consist of, what she currently has that could meet those needs and then make a list of what she should go purchase to round it out. And then we brainstormed I could document it all here for the bloggity-blog! Sounds like fun!

I've never really tried to branch outside thinking of what belongs in my own closet. Due to our schedules it looks like it might not be until after the holidays but we definitely want to try to get it done before baby comes end of January. So... stay tuned... for kind of a long time... maybe I should have kept my mouth shut. :)

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  1. Your friend D is a champ! Sounds like y'all had a fun time outfit planning. The upcoming post ideas should be fun!

    1. Thanks! I hope it'll be useful to lots of people! (I get requests for work starter wardrobe all the time.)

  2. That sounds great! Can't wait to see that project, I need something similar. I haven't been out of the workforce, I just feel like my wardrobe needs some refreshing. Maybe you can come help me, too? ;)

    1. Thanks! Let's see how this first session goes and if I'm any good at helping other people. :)

  3. How cool! The upcoming post will be more fun



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