guest post - sister week: red, white & black striped dress

Inspiration - Boo Hoo

Idea #2 I had for maintaining some interesting non-maternity posts around here in the remaining months of my pregnancy is to have some of my cute professional friends do a guest week of posts about what they wear to their particular jobs in a variety of different industries. (Idea #1 was a 'body double' to play dress up in my closet.) There are so many different versions business casual in the workplace today which can vary dramatically by your specific work/office/area that I think it's really fun to see how other people dress for their day-to-day jobs.

This week my little sister (who has done various guest post weeks) volunteered to guest post. She is a Demand Analyst for a big mid-west company. Her job is to study of sales generated by a good or service to determine the reasons for its success or failure, and how its sales performance can be improved.

She lives in the city and walks to work. A large portion of her time is spent in a cubicle crunching numbers and working with her team. She also meets with higher ups in her company and occasionally gives presentations to client.

My sis just graduated college and this is her first 'real' job.  This week's posts are typical outfits she wears during a normal work week as a young professional in a business casual environment:

A fun dress is an easy way to look put together and be comfortable for a day at the office. With no client meetings or presentations to my boss - I can wear a more casual dress. And ballet flats make the walking commute possible on my feet.



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