guest post - sister week: floral blazer, black top, black pencil skirt, black pumps

Inspiration - Kim Kardashian

This week my little sister volunteered to do a guest week posting about how she dresses for her job. (My friend V, a Pharma Sales Rep, did another guest week which can be seen here.) My sister is a Demand Analyst for a big mid-west company. She just graduated college and this is her first 'real' job.  This week's posts are typical outfits she wears during a normal work week as a young professional in a business casual environment. You can see all of her work posts here and all of her guest posts ever here.

At my job I have monthly check-ins with my boss. We usually have our meetings over lunch and discuss things like clients, workload and my performance. This outfit is me combining a professional business look (pencil skirt & blazer) with some personality (fun bright flower pattern). It's a little more dressed up then what I would wear on a day to day basis but a little less then meeting with a client. :)



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