starter business casual capsule wardrobe checklist

This checklist is a good template for a basic starter work wardrobe. (Even though I created this for my maternity capsule wardrobe it works just as well for anyone with regard to mixing & matching.) I had a few requests to update the header on this checklist so people could pin it as a starter capsule wardrobe without looking like they were expecting - so here's the updated graphic. :)

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Here's how I put together my starter business capsule wardrobe -

The method:
  1. Basics - First step was putting together the basics pieces to lay the foundation for the wardrobe. I tried to choose very basic, very re-wearable clothes. Clothes that I knew I would be wearing over and over so they would need to be simple enough that they coordinated with everything else in the capsule and I didn't get bored if I wore them multiple times a week for weeks on end.

    For the basics in this capsule wardrobe I chose two pairs of  pants (bootcut & ankle), two simple tanks, a pencil skirt and a simple black suit jacket.

  • Interest - Second, I added interesting pieces to compliment the subtle basics in a mix of styles. I looked for pops of color or fun patterns or even texture that would make the basic pieces more exciting. I tried to grab items that will compliment each other or at least be somewhat in the same color scheme. For this capsule I tried to stick to pinks, purples & teals in what I hoped were sophisticated prints.

    For this set of interest pieces I picked three dresses, a striped skirt, three cardigans and three fun blouses.

  • Accessories & Shoes - Finally, I added some accessories to complete the outfits. Jewelry, belts and scarves can dramatically alter how an outfit looks. For shoes in this capsule I just went easy and chose my super comfortable black wedges.

    For this capsule wardrobe I chose three necklaces, one scarf and one gold watch.  For shoes I picked a basic pair of black wedges.  

  •  Hope you enjoyed!


    1. This is great, thanks for putting it together!

    2. This is amazing and just what I need right now! I'm assessing my wardrobe and this checklist will be so handy!

    3. This is fantastic! What a great idea and with such timeless classics, you'll never run out of ideas!

    4. This is great! Thanks so much for sharing!

    5. I am just starting in a new great job in a great office and this is JUST wha I needed! Thanks a million! :)

    6. This is beautiful, thanks for the creativity


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