outfit post: striped long sleeved shirt, black ankle pants, gladiator heels

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Next week my super fun bookclub girls are getting together for our monthly meetup of conversation, appetizers and drinks. And then we're headed to see a showing of the Gone Girl movie which our bookclub read last year! Excited. If I wasn't so darn pregnant and limited to a dozen maternity items (while I'm very happy and excited to be preggers, I do find myself occasionally staring wistfully in my closet at my pencil skirts and fitted tops...) this is exactly the sort of outfit I would wear. It's cute and fun for girls night out and still warm enough for the movie theater.

I think as a loose style rule of thumb is that it's good to only have one major statement piece in an outfit. So, for this outfit, I like balancing out these super fun shoes with a relatively simple top & pant. That way the shoes get the attention they deserve and the overall effect is sophisticated instead of cluttered.

*Body double post


  1. Thank you for this! I have a cute pair of burgundy strappy shoes and I can never figure out what to wear with them; this is perfect!

  2. Yay! Glad you found this post useful! Hope your outfit turns out great! :)


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