outfit post: october 2014 fall shopping wishlist

Even though I'm currently trying to limit my shopping to only necessary maternity items - that doesn't mean I can't go window/online wishlist shopping for all the cute fall fashions. The items above are are all great fall closet staples that I would be currently in the market for if I wasn't temporarily shaped like humpty dumpty. :)

Versatile fall dress
  • I love a heavier material jeweled toned dress for fall. So many cute ways to wear it. Blazer and pumps for work, cozy cardigan, tights and booties for movie night with your guy or over a chambray shirt with flats for brunch with the girls. Love. 

Patterned Chambray Shirt
  • I've worn my dark and light chambray shirts to death. They seem to magically go with everything. I love the idea of another one with a slight pattern (polka-dots!) to my closet. I would love to layer one under sweaters or wear it along with skinny jeans & booties.

Plaid Scarf
  • I love how much a scarf can add interest & complete a basic outfit. The scarf pictured above from Target has been popping up on every single blog I read. Super cute plaid. And there are a zillion other options that are just as cute.

  • I struggle a bit with booties. It has taken me a bunch of tries to find the right pair that don't make my legs look stumpy. But once you do find a pair that work for you shape - I think they are super cute and stylish.

Sweater Dress
  • I love love love a good sweater dress. Giant cozy sack that hides Halloween/Thanksgiving over indulging while still being stylish? Sign me up.

Black Skinny Jeans
  • I have an old pair of black skinny jeans from Target that I have worn to death. Need to replace my pair. (I don't know why but I prefer wearing skinny jeans to leggings.) Great in fall for tunic shirts, sweaters layered with button ups and tanks with cozy flowy cardigans. Cute with riding boots, ankle boot or flats.

Cable Knit Sweater
  • Love a really soft pretty ivory cable knit sweater. It's the fall/winter equivalent of the t-shirt. You can throw it on all the time with everything.

Tweed Pencil Skirt
  • I have a pink tweed pencil skirt that I love but being that it's pink - I don't feel like I can wear it all the time because it's a little too distinctive. I'd love to find a deep burgundy, brown or other jeweled tone skirt that could be worn weekly during fall/winter.

Open Drapey Cardigan
  • I love a cozy cardigan for fall. Florida temperatures can swing 20-30 degrees from morning commute to lunch break and an easy layer like a cardigan is great for adjusting to the swinging temps.


  1. Our wish lists are so similar! I have a tall pair of cognac boots on my list instead of booties. I can't really seem to get on board with the booties for work - they seem to casual. Some outfit examples if you do wear them to work would be great!

    1. I don't really know about the booties above for work either. I think of the the ones I want as more of weekend footwear. Although - I suppose if I found a pair that were a more sleek/polished looking booties they could be incorporated into a workday wardrobe. :)


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