outfit post maternity: black & white print dress, teal cardigan, black flats

(27 Weeks)
Inspiration - Old Navy

My new outfit formula is: maternity dress + cardigan -- basically what I wear to work 4 out of 5 days each week.

Week 27:
Symptoms - Mostly just a sore lower back. Starting to grunt when I have to get up from sitting on the floor. Feel a bit like when you ride in a car/plane without standing for many hours and then try to get up and walk - a little creaky & stiff around the joints. :)

Food - Doctor told me to slow down on carbs & sugar because I'm already few pounds past the suggested total 35 lb weight gain with three months to go. Which isn't awesome news because that is exactly what I want to eat. Carbs covered in sugar. Mmmm carbs... (<-- Homer Simpson voice.)

The only unusual craving I've had (beyond wanting ALL THE CANDY) is for sparkling water with lime. Normally I'm a flat ice water kinda gal and would only drink sparkling if I had no other options and was dying of thirst. Now I could drink sparkling water by the gallon. Weird that my tastes could change that much.

Exercise - My best friend and her co-workers are including me in their weekly fitbit steps challenges. So I'm walking a good 4-5 miles throughout the day. Have done the Tracy Anderson pregnancy DVD a grand total of two times in the four months I've owned it. Oops. Want to try to focus more on getting stronger for the finish line in 3 months!

Clothes - Feel like after sharing the maternity business casual capsule wardrobe - you've seen all the work pregnancy clothes I own & have been wearing over and over again. Although, one new purchase is this $15 Asos dress I'm wearing today. Guess it'll be a few more casual posts in upcoming weeks! :)

Body - Staring to feel very pregnant. Which makes me really start to wonder how in the world my body is going to continue to grow larger for three more months! Eep!


Just took my monthly belly progress photo as I finished out month 6:


  1. You look very pretty. I'm really liking the teal cardigan, It looks like it can go with everything.
    G Salazar :)

  2. You look great! I found dresses to be the most comfortable in the last few months. Just changed up the cardigan/blazer and accessories!

    1. Thank you! I definitely think that's where I'm headed. :)

  3. Awww congrats on your pregnancy! Here's hoping for a healthy baby! I love the idea of taking a picture with the same clothing on, but you've taken it a step further by "signing" with your fingers how many months along you are. Love it :)



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