outfit post: white button down shirt, navy & white striped skirt

Inspiration - H&M

I really like the crisp clean look of this outfit. No signs of fall yet here in hot muggy Florida so still embracing breathable light fabrics. I think this outfit would be a cute one for a casual work day that transitions into a casual date night with the hubs.

Random pet peeve - I feel like there are lots of magazine articles & blog posts about 'day to night' or 'desk to dinner' transition outfits and they recommend things like, "Just bring another pair of shoes, smaller bag and different top and change all of them after work! Viola day to night!" Um, in my opinion if you are doing more then taking off a cardigan - it's not a day to night outfit, you brought a new outfit to change into. Which is fine. Just not what the articles are trying to claim. End random sidebar. :)

*Body double post


  1. Super cute! Never met a stripe I don't like. :)
    Pssst...you have a little typo in your title, but a navy and white shirt sounds cute too...baby brain is in full swing :)

    1. Oopsie - totally baby brain on things like this lately! Thank you! :)

  2. Applause for your comment. I feel the same way about day to night outfits!!

    First Time Firstie

  3. As soon as I saw this outfit I thought of Queen Letizia (she just wore it this week and it was a repeat).

  4. Haha, I agree...its not really a day-to-night look if you're changing the whole look! This skirt looks fantastic with the crisp white shirt.



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