outfit post maternity: teal cardigan, dot blouse, grey wide legged pants

(19 weeks)
Inspiration - Talbots

This outfit is me copying myself from a pre-preggers outfit from last year. Same cardigan as the other outfit but new maternity pants and new blousy top. I'm definitely missing the ability to belt pants at my waist but that whole growing a human thing will make it worth it. :)

These maternity pants are awesome. They look decently professional but absolutely feel like sweat pants. Nice soft underbelly band at the top. They have been in my constant work wear rotation since I grew out of all my non-pregnancy bottoms. (They come in brown, black & grey.)

Week 19 update
I'm feeling pretty great - let's stay in this phase for as long as possible! Only symptom I'm having is some achiness in my lower back/hips when I go on long walks. Still waiting to feel the baby moving - I've had some maybe flutters but nothing definite or regular.