outfit post maternity: purple skater dress, grey cardigan, grey pumps

(20 Weeks)
Inspiration - Reese Witherspoon

I have been wearing this dress from Asos ($23 right now but low on colors) in both this purple version and a black version non-stop. Stretchy and flowy - they are intended to fit 'all stages of pregnancy' so they've worked from early on until now. Only issue is my chest has gotten so big lately that the neckline has become indecent so I've had to start to wearing a cami underneath to prevent a boob show. Other then that - it's been a great go-to dress thus far.

I started to take some of the pictures for a work maternity capsule wardrobe to show 16 pieces combining to make 30-35 work outfits. After a few photos I noticed that my belly only shows distinctly in some of the clothing - I don't know if it might make more sense to wait a few more weeks so it really looks like a PREGNANT capsule? Or since I'm 1/2 way there just go for it? Hmmm....



  1. Congratulations on the pregnancy! I lost my bookmarks on style and just happened to find you again. I love how you put clothes together.


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