outfit post maternity: blue knit dress, yellow cardigan, brown wedge sandals

(22 weeks)
Inspiration - Jennifer Garner

Last week was one of those weeks where time just got away from me. I was jet lagged coming back from Germany (accidentally waking up at 3 am all week - oopsie), work was really busy and then a pile of regular life stuff needed attention -- posting outfits didn't make the priority cut. (Hmmm if I think I'm busy & sleep deprived now... what in the world is going to happen once there's a mini human at the top of the time-suck list? Eep!)

This week is looking a lot better time-wise on every front! I've even taken about 2/3 of the photos for my "Maternity Work Capsule Wardrobe" that I'm finally going to post next week! Yay me!

Picked this dress up at Target and I've been wearing it basically ever other day since I bought it. Two wrap style dresses I initially picked up from Asos worked well for a long time but now that my chest has grown I've had to start wearing camis underneath them and lately I just don't want to deal with a second layer. This dress is awesome. It is like a pair of jeans in that it goes with everything. Every color cardigan, fun colored jewelry and any fun accessories easily work to change the look of a very comfortable and basic dress. Great buy!

Week 20-22 Updates
  • Baby - At the 20 week ultrasound the baby started wiggling so I could feel it. And it was really cool to feel it move and see it on the monitor at the same time.
  • Baby - She either loves or hates flying. She wiggled the whole 9 hour overseas flight both to and from Europe. 
  • Body - People can now obviously tell I'm pregnant. And I've had three people ask me about when I'm due or what I'm having. Nice that I finally don't just look fat.
  • Body - Pretty consistently feeling achy in my lower back. Think it's from sitting with bad posture at my computer for too many hours while growing a baby.
  • Weight - I'm gaining weight too fast. I've already gained 25 lbs (doctors suggest range of 25-35 lbs total gain) and typically it's about a pound of gain per week from here on out. That would put me at 43 lbs total. Eep. In general I haven't been eating as healthy as I typically do and I need to pay more attention to what I'm eating. At least mix more good for me things in with 'treats.'
  • Cravings - I ate a lot of schnitzel in Germany and it was sooo good. Random craving this week was Ruffles cheddar & sour cream potato chips with Sprite. Two things I don't normally even think about but sounded amazing as I was checking out at Target. Other craving I had (which I made three times) was cooking canned corn with orange bell peppers, onion, pancetta and a dollop of sour cream.Yum.

Progress pictures taken at 2, 3, 4 & 5 months...


  1. I too gained 44 lbs during my pregnancy. I could actually out eat my husband, I was finishing his plates!
    If I was to get pregnant again I would cut out all salt. I started swelling and continued to do even after having the baby. I thought I would lose weight after the birth but i continued to gain water weight in the hospital. It was so bad that my dh had to buy me new shoes that were 3 sizes bigger than my normal ones to wear home.
    Good luck with yours, I guess you found out it is a girl.

    1. Thanks for sharing you story! Yes - we found out we are having a girl. :)

  2. Love this dress! When I'm pregnant again I will totally get one.

    As for the food thing, I wouldn't stress about it too much. I gained weight much more rapidly during the second tri but then it slowed way down during the third tri because I just didn't have room to eat as much. Like, I would only be able to finish half of a sandwich before feeling full. Your doctor will let you know if there's an issue! Growing a human is a lot of work and requires a lot of fuel.

    1. Thanks! I hope that this is the case! Sometimes it just feels like I'm going to keep growing forever. :)

  3. Love this outfit! It looks really comfy and could work for a variety of office/casual events.

  4. So cute!! Your outfit and he baby post ��


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