outfit post: burgundy cardigan, white cami, black pencil skirt, black wedges

Inspiration - Gucci via Net-a-Porter

I spoke too soon about this being a quiet week. Ended up at my desk today super busy for almost 12 hours straight with maybe a ten minute break to shove some food in my mouth. One of those days where you're trying to do two things at once while thinking about the third thing you'll do next and then you look at the clock and three hours just disappeared... phew!

This is one of my favoritest outfits. It's super simple (possibly borderline plain) but sometimes subdued and sophisticated are exactly what I want. Loves it.


    *Body double post


    1. I have been a long-time reader of your blog, and am coming out of lurkdom to say 1) congrats on your pregnancy! and 2) is your role at work going to change once the baby is here? As a full-time working mom of two myself, I often feel like I'm barely making it work with my normal 8-5, non-traveling, at my desk job. Just curious how you see things working in the future once baby is here?

      1. Hi Alison! Sorry for the delayed response! 1) Thanks! It's exciting! 2) I plan to continue my current job after a 12 week maternity leave. I don't know that I will volunteer for quite as many long international projects - but the day to day ins & outs of my job should be the same as I'm doing now. Truth is - I don't exactly know - and am going to go with trial & error to find the right balance going forward! :)

        Good luck to you & balancing work & motherhood! I think regardless of job/industry it's a challenge to get it running smoothly for anyone!

    2. I'm not sure what happened to my original post....I'm trying again!

      Great simple, but wonderful outfit. I think I would like to see you in your outfit rather than a body double. You can show us your outfit and then let us (those of us who are not pregnant) how we can modify it for us. I think it would be easier on you!

      And congratulations! How exciting!

      1. Thanks! I'm trying to find the balance between both. I've gotten feedback from both sides on preferences. I'm looking forward to the day I'm back in my regular clothing again and don't have to impose on my friends. :)


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