guest post - v: black t-shirt dress, black buckle flats

Inspiration - Anne Hathaway

Idea #2 I had for maintaining some interesting non-maternity posts around here in the coming months is to have some of my cute professional friends do a guest week of posts about what they wear to their particular jobs in a variety of different industries. (Idea #1 was a 'body double' to play dress up in my closet.) There are so many different versions business casual in the workplace today which can vary dramatically by your specific work/office/area that I think it's really fun to see how other people dress for their day-to-day jobs.

This week my friend V (who did One Suitcase Europe Vacation guest last year) volunteered to guest post. She is a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative. Her job is to provide drug information and product samples to physicians. A large portion of her time is spent “in the field” meeting with physicians by visiting the physicians’ practices. In addition to the daily physician visits, reps sometimes attend sales meetings, conference calls, or training sessions with the management team. They may also do lunchtime presentations at physicians’ offices, supplying lunch for the office staff and discussing the drug’s indications, side effects, features, and benefits with physicians. 

V is also a mom to two adorable kids - a 2.5 year old boy and a 7 month old girl. This week's posts are typical outfits she wears during a normal work week as a busy working mom:

This simple cotton dress is extremely comfortable, easy to wash, doesn't wrinkle and was only $10! It is my first ever Walmart clothing purchase. It can be dressed up with fun necklace/pearls for work or can be causal enough to be used as a cover-up to the beach. The first day I wore it to work, throughout the day I recieved many compliments on the outfit but I was too embarrassed to say that I bought it at Walmart :)

The shoes are a must have for anyone who has to do a lot of walking and or standing each day. These are Cole Haan ballet flats that have the Nike Air sole. As a pharmaceutical rep I spend a lot of time waiting for doctors in the hallway so wearing these adorable and comfortable flats has really helped. 



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