outfit post maternity: white t-shirt, navy tile jacquard riveria shorts, medallion sandals

(17 Weeks)
Inspiration - Olivia Palermo

I love love love these cute printed maternity shorts I bought from Loft after seeing them recommended by Audrey of Putting Me Together. (Who happens to be the cutest pregnant blogger ever.) Plus she did a fun post on different ways to style printed shorts wearing them. Great tips for maternity or non-maternity. Yes please!

(I did have to wait a few weeks for Loft to have one of their recurring 50% off sales to purchase because otherwise they are $80! Eep. Just checked today and online with current 40% no-code required sale - they are $39.)



  1. Congratulations on your incoming bundle of joy :) I wrote some maternity / pregnancy posts if you are interested ..

    Secret, practical first time mother and pregnancy notes

  2. Hate that I missed this post earlier in the week...I've wanted those shorts all summer and have never managed to catch them on sale. We still have plenty of hot weather left and the shorts are gone *tear*

    1. Bummer! I had to wait four weeks until they dropped in price. Fingers crossed that they're so popular they will restock?

  3. Ahh! You're pregnant! Congratulations! I must've missed the earlier post. I'm at around 29 weeks myself and have thus far avoided maternity clothes by wearing athletic clothes/stretchy dresses all summer, but now I debate how I'm going to handle the fall. Glad to know I can just follow your lead and see which maternity lines are most reusable!

    1. Thank you & congratulations yourself! I hope you will find my maternity posts useful and if you have any advice - send it my way! :)


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