outfit post maternity: pink ruffle blouse, black cardigan, black stretch skirt, black pumps

(18 weeks)
Inspiration - "Mellie Grant" Scandal

While I listened to an especially long & boring conference call about corporate bonus plans last week I zoomed through an entire season of Scandal on my computer taking screencaps of all of Mellie Grant's maternity wear. I figure if it's dressy enough for a pretend President's wife to wear around the fake White House - it should be on the formal side of office business casual for me. (I have a week long work trip to Germany coming up mid-September that I need to figure out.) Mellie's maternity style on the show seems to be pencil skirts, pretty blouses and completer pieces of cardigans & jackets. Right up my alley.

My pink blouse is actually a non-maternity blouse that I almost never wear because it (was) too big on me and I go back and forth on love/hate with the big ruffle. But that now I have such slim pickings for work blouses it is welcome in the rotation just for variety's sake.

Week 18 update
Doctor appointment went well. Everything looks healthy. Baby girl was wiggling around on sonogram. When I expressed concern that I am gaining weight at a rate that might put me slightly past the 25-35 lb range the (very fit) doctor said the range is a little like a speed limit - recommended but everyone goes a little fast which made me feel better.



  1. Looking good! I put on 40 lbs (!!) during my pregnancy - towards the end I stopped weighing myself, and when I heard the number at one of my last pre-labour doctor's appointments, my eyes nearly popped out of my head in disbelief. Now, my sweet little guy is a year old and all of my baby weight is gone. My (unsolicited) advice is to try not to worry too much about the number on the scale - the most important thing is to eat well, do some gentle exercise if you can, and know that it's all worth it in the end! Congratulations on your pregnancy!

    1. Thank you! I think I'm on track to be around 40 lbs. Little bit of a brain adjustment to accept such big body changes but nice to hear that it's normal and that you were able to lose it afterwards. Congrats to you too!

  2. Congratulations!! I wore a lot of non maternity tops when pregnant too- usually ones that didn't fit when I wasn't pregnant. You look great!!!

  3. I agree, if a (fake) first lady can rock it, so can you! I like the weight gain analogy, too funny!



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