outfit post maternity: black & white polka-dot dress, black suit jacket, black pumps

(18 weeks)
Inspiration - Kate Middleton

I love this dress from Asos.  It's cute and swirly and reminds me of Kate Middleton. The only issue is it is made from a stretch cotton jersey that isn't great quality. You can kind of see how the polka-dots are stretching across my chest and it feels like it won't last if I wash it too many times. Buuuttt since I'm only pregnant temporarily - it just has to hold up until the beginning of next year. :)

Week 18:

Jackets and cardigans are pretty much the only clothing from my normal closet that still fit. All shorts, pants, skirts and vast majority of tops are all too tight now. But by adding the jackets, cardigans and jewelry to maternity basics - they goes a long way to making the basics seem interesting & different.

I don't have as many changes since last week. Feeling pretty great. Continuing to plump up at what is hopefully a reasonable rate. Excited for ultrasound appointment today! Still waiting to feel movement - should be soon!


And if you're interested - here are progress pictures taken at 2, 3 & 4 months...

8 weeks, 13 weeks & 17 weeks


  1. Super cute, I love this outfit from Kate Middleton and I think you rock it as well.
    Mixing basics with accessories seems a good way to go, I think I am going to do the same at that point (bump still not showing, but bras and stretchy tops and normal pants & skirts are becoming too tight)
    Love your pregnancy progress photos! <3

    1. Thank you! It's definitely an education process to figure out dressing. Glad you're finding it useful! :)

  2. You look so cute! I have that Kate pic saved in my maternity inspiration folder too! Shame that dress isn't better quality because it's really cute.

    1. Thank you! It's not great quality but it's passable to last me for six months.

  3. You look great!
    I confess: I'm in a polka dot phase right now, I was looking at a dress or shirt+skirt with polka dots. This is perfect! Thanks for including non-maternity links.
    G Salazar :)

  4. Adorable! Thanks for posting non-maternity links :)

  5. You look great....oh how I miss my pregnancy. The best I've felt, ever!!


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