outfit post: grey camp shirt, black pencil skirt, black patent wedges

Inspiration - Victoria's Secret

So idea #1 for maintaining non-maternity outfit posts in the coming months was to call up one of my bookclub besties and have her come over for a few hours of playing dress up in my closet. She was an awesome sport while I put her in outfits and posed her for pictures in all my clothing that stopped fitting me six weeks ago. (Sniff - I already miss you pencil skirts...) It was both fun & strange to see someone else in all my familiar clothes. We ran through lots of inspiration outfit pins from my pinterest account and took a bunch of photos for me to use here going forward! Yay for using a body double!

I like this outfit a lot. Feel like I've been posting a bunch of bright punchy pops of color lately so it's nice to mix it up with a work outfit using sophisticated neutrals.

First maternity post from me will be this Thursday! :)

      *This is a body double post. My good friend has graciously agreed to play dress up in my closet so I can post both maternity and non-maternity outfits over the coming months.


      1. Wow, she does look a lot like you! Good idea!

      2. Love the monochromatic look here! This is cute and classy.

      3. Cute look, and great idea to use a body double. Congrats on the pregnancy, too!

        1. Thank you! I just want to make sure that the blog stays interesting for everyone. I have missed regular posts from some of my favorite bloggers while they were pregnant and wanted to try to come up with creative solution for posting both maternity & non-maternity outfits here.

      4. That is so kind of your bookclub bestie! Love this outfit- I am inspirted to create something similar with a clearance belt I picked up at H &M and haven't figured out how to wear yet...


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