outfit post: sleeveless chambray dress, brown wedge sandals, leopard clutch

Inspiration - A Spoonful of Style

Sorry for the sporadic posts this week. The usual suspects of work (new clients! last minute all day workshop presentation!), life (houseguest for four days, family stuff, four trees being taken down in the back yard, a/c on the fritz), and travel (last minute trip to NYC) have really put a wrench on my ability to post regularly. But should be back in a relatively normal routine next week!

Inspiration from a really cute blogger Jade at A Spoonful of Style today. She's an adorable hairdresser and I really like her girlie fun style of dressing. It was super fun to see how she styled the dress I just picked up at Old Navy for $25 myself.



  1. What a comfy casual outfit! Love the chambray dress with the belt, really flattering.

    Understated Classics

  2. I've been looking for a less expensive knock off for the clare v leopard clutch I see everywhere! Do you like the one from Asos so far? I see it's on sale now too, very tempting.

    1. Yes. I like it a lot. Only thing is the size is a little big so I fold it in half... but now I think about it I think that is how it's supposed to be held... :)


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