outfit post: recent shopping purchases - april & may

I've been a bit of a sporadic shopper over the past few months. I haven't felt that I have any 'needs' lately to fill a particular closet gap. But I've still picked up quite a few things here and there that I've been happy to come across and bring home with me. Here are some of those items: 
  • Lace Wedding Guest Dress - My best friends little sister is getting married in New Orleans next weekend! As I was getting ready for her bridal shower a few weeks ago I realized the dress I pulled out to wear (from my 'dressy' dress part of my closet) I had also worn to my besties babyshower and that her daughter is now EIGHT. Um maybe time to treat myself to a new dressy dress? Little online shopping during the Nordstrom's big sale and I found dress shown above & ordered it. Love love love!
  • Coral blazer - I've been on the hunt for a bright blazer for quite awhile. I'm trying to expand my horizons beyond my cardigan obsession. I really like this one because it's both inexpensive and such a fun color. I've had a few email questions about the fit. I'm 5'7" and ordered a medium. While it fits - I would probably have slightly preferred a large.
  • Teal Portofino Shirt - Bright easy floaty shirt that hides some of the chub I picked up living off Pad Thai and frozen cocktails on vacation? Yes please.
  • Nude Wedges - I ordered these nude wedges on sale from Nordstroms because I've been choosing my black wedges lately over of my normal heels. They arrived and I was happy to find out that are WONDERFULLY comfortable. They have a cushy inside and fit my foot perfectly. Yay! 
  • Teal clutch - Definitely needed some sort of updated clutch, small bag for summer. I have good options for work & day bags but sometime small, fun and cute. I love the bright happy summer color!
  • Purple Keyhole Blouse - I am always on the lookout for easy work appropriate tops. When I first saw the shirt on the hanger I was a little concerned that the keyhole would show too much cleavage and ruin the suitability for the office. But I tried it on and found that the cutout is high enough that, even if you are larger chested like me, it's still conservative. And it's the kind of fabric that doesn't wrinkle very easily. Score.
  • Leopard Wedges - Expanding my work low wedge collection to three pairs! Black, nude and now leopard. Great option for in between heels and flats. (This pair from Nine West are a normal-amount-comfortable but the nude nordstrom ones above are lovely cushion-y happiness on my feet!)
  • Strapless Tribal Maxi - Easy fun dress to throw on in really hot weather. Could be swim cover up or night out in a beach town dress. Great length so it doesn't drag. Side slits so you can take normal size steps. And fun colors. Yay!


  1. I love the wedding guest dress! I decided that I needed to buy a new dress for such occasions and it was my plan to look for one next week when I am in the US. Very convenient that the Nordstrom flagship store is in Seattle :)

  2. Love everything! I think you made some really great choices. I want to get to the point in my shopping life that I can look back on what I purchased over 2 months and be very happy with it all and know it was money well spent. Not quite there yet!

    I am very intrigued by those nude wedges!

  3. Oh man I loved the nude wedges on your blog so I ordered a pair in black. One foot fit perfectly and was so comfortable but my other gross foot with a bunion would not budge. :( I am so sad to be sending them back.

    1. That's too bad. I hope you find a pair you love!


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