outfit post: navy & white polka dot dress, white cardigan, brown t-strap sandals

Inspiration - Kate Middleton

Week of dresses inspired by Kate Middleton?

Dress worn previously:


  1. Cute dress! I love it styled with the denim jacket!

  2. I've never cared much about fashion, but stumbled upon your blog six months ago. Wow - what an eye opener you have been to me! Now I enjoy trying to mix and match different pieces and whenever in doubt I just take a quick look at your blog for some similar outfits or inspirational advice. I really love the way you dress...and I also love the fact that you have a toned body and not a double 0 (which seems to be the case for many fashion bloggers out there and with whom I have problems identifying with...what looks good on them certainly does not look good on my size 4 to 6 body)!

    So, once again - thank you for a great blog and for finally making me dress like a lady (and enjoying it)!

    Kind regards,
    MrsH from Sweden

    1. Wow - thank you so much! I am really glad to hear you enjoy the blog! I hope you continue to find inspiration here and in your own closet!

  3. You should check out the outfits of Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.
    I think some of them would really fit your style and are more professional and adult than the Duchess's outfits. I don't hate Catherine's outfits but I like Mary's much more.

    Greetings from Germany

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I am always looking for new sources of inspiration! I will definitely take a look via google!


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