outfit post: chambray shirt, white jeans, cutout flats

Inspiration - Michelle Williams

Blah blah blah. Some weeks I just run out of gas. I am trying to focus and plow through my work task list but I just feel like I'm dragging. I'd say I need a vacation but I just had such a lovely break. I just need to shake off the blahs and get some stuff done.

On a positive note - I'm excited for this weekend! My bestie's little sister is getting married so Friday night I'm driving to New Orleans for the wedding! Yay for good times with my second family! :)

This outfit is my working from home office comfy outfit. Not quite work appropriate (distressed jeans are not okay for office) but cute for grocery & errand run after hours.



  1. Great outfit. Have fun in New Orleans!!

  2. Cute outfit; I have it pinned for later! Welcome to NOLA! It's just as hot and humid here as Fla, so I have to ask how are you surviving in jeans and a long sleeved!?! :)

    1. My husband has a problem with setting the a/c to arctic temperatures. He basically thinks we should live at the north pole. When I work from home - I have to wear warmer clothes to survive.

      But you're right - it was still a little too warm of an outfit to be outside in Florida. I was a little hot when I went grocery shopping yesterday evening, even with the sun set.

    2. And thanks for saying it's cute! I'm definitely packing humid friendly clothes for NOLA this weekend! :)

  3. This is such a cute, simple, preppy outfit - definitely something I would wear.

  4. I wore something similar to this look last week, but I didn't try it with flats. Looks cute and relaxed!


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