thailand outfit post: yellow tropical print tank, green khaki shorts, sandals

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After four days in Bangkok we took a short flight down to the island of Phuket where we stayed in a place called Patong Beach. It's an intense mix of beautiful natural scenery, miles of seedy shopping stalls, beautiful five star hotels and a mix of normal & sleazy nightlife. There were huge numbers of tourists from Europe, Australia & Asia and we were surprised when we were told it was actually the beginning of the slow season. I can't even imagine the busy season. Maybe I'd describe Patong as a little bit like Key West on crack? I think "intense" is the perfect word.

We did a bit of hotel jumping throughout the ten days we were there. The picture below is the patio of our room at the Millennium Resort. We had fancy pants 2 hour couple massage for about $60 US each. Um, yes. (Little massage places around town would have hour massages for about $9 US.) It was totally amazing.

One afternoon we decided to do a local elephant trek. It was so cool seeing such huge animals up close. We got to feed them lots of bananas and get a 'hug' from the baby. Too cool. Today's outfit is what I wore for the trek. 


Some Patong pix:
Patong Beach sign.

Soi Bangla. Main nightlife drag similar to the Bourbon Street in NoLa or Duval Street in Key West.

Hotel pool
Baby elephant giving me a "Wet Willie". The tip of his trunk was as dexterous as a finger and he stuck it right in my ear!
Elephant trekking with the hubby.


  1. I cannot believe you got to cuddle with a baby elephant! SO jealous!!


    1. It was cute. And then he sneeze a bunch of snot on my husband. And it was hilarious. :)


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