thailand outfit post: hot pink dress, brown sandals

Inspiration - Reese Witherspoon

Bangkok/Thailand is so so so humid and hot. And this is coming from a Florida girl who loves hometown summers. So I pretty much gave up on wearing much jewelry at all for the duration of the trip. (Also didn't bring my engagement ring at all - only wore my simple inexpensive silver wedding band.)

One of the days we were in Bangkok we spent the evening exploring on foot. There are food cart street vendors everywhere. Tons and tons. And according to the Anthony Bourdain show I watched before I left Thai people eat many of their meals from them and they are generally safe to eat from. (Choose the cook to order ones and watch out for ones where the food is obviously sitting without proper heat/refrigerated.) We sampled some pretty delicious noodle dishes from street vendor carts. Also saw a few carts full of bug options like grasshoppers & beetles. I didn't partake in those. :)

We ended up eating at amazing sushi restaurant and then using the BTS to head to a big Marriott that had a really cool skybar/lounge on top called Octave.  (The BTS is Skytrain which was really nice and relatively easy to use. The husband and I are always proud of ourselves for figuring out & using subways/trains in other cities. They also have a metro that we heard was equally nice but didn't try.) The sky bar was AMAZING. (The Marriott site has much better pictures then I do.) You could see the whole crazy big city. (No charge to get in.)

Finally on the way home we walked through the infamous Soi Cowboy street. (It was in the Hangover movie.) It's basically the most known red light district in Bangkok. It was filled with neon lights, really dirty and had club after club with girls in skimpy outfits trying to get you to come into their establishment. Quite a site. Lots of people watching.


Some Pix:
View from our hotel room.
Street vendors selling food

Crickets, beetles, ants and grubs... oh my!

Octave Rooftop Lounge
Bangkok at night from 47th floor
Drinking delicious drink out of ceramic coconut ("Land of Happiness" I think?)

Soi Cowboy


  1. Love this easy breezy dress! I bet Soi Cowboy was quite the experience! That rooftop bar looks amazing, love stuff like that where you can overlook the city. Were the TB Miller sandals comfy enough to walk around in all day?

    1. Thanks! Yes - I wore them the entire trip and they were great.


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