thailand outfit post: black maxi dress, grey cardian, brown sandals

Thailand Trip

Holy travel batman! I got home yesterday after 44 hours of travel. (Phuket > Bangkok > Narita > NYC > Tampa > Home) And then after 14 hours home, a little sleep and a lot of laundry - I had to pack back up to leave this morning for a week long client workshop in Philadelphia! Phewwww!!

But while I was sorting laundry - I snapped a few photos of what I wore while on vacation in Thailand to share with you this week! Yay! I'm sorta back! :)

First up - I wore my black maxi dress to go on a boat/temple sightseeing tour our first day in Bangkok. To be respectful inside the temples it's polite to have your knees & shoulders covered as well as taking off your shoes as you enter. So I wore a dark maxi (we got caught in a down pour and I was really glad to be wearing a dark color), a grey cardigan and sandals that can slip on and off.


Some pix:
View from river boat.
Wat Traimit - Golden Buddha.
Wat Pho - Reclining Buddha.
Wat Arun - Temple of the Sun.
Husband buying a beer from river market lady. 


  1. Cool pictures! You gotta love a maxi dress on vacation...what did we ever do before they were 'a thing'? What a whirlwind few days you've had!

  2. So glad you're back! It looks/sounds like an awesome trip. But I'm happy to have some help dressing myself again. I hope you have a great frequent flyer plan!! :)

    1. Thanks! Glad to be back. Although still playing catch up! :)

  3. Your outfit is great for Thailand! Hope you had a great time there!

    Liz @

  4. love this, i want a black maxi so bad - havent found one i love that is long enough and not crazy expensive.

    1. I had the same problem finding just the right one. It reminded me of hunting for a favorite pair of jeans. Lots of wrong turns but when you find the right one you wear it to death. Good luck hunting!

  5. Great pictures of Thailand. Love the outfit. So many maxis seem too long and easy to trip on. Yours is the perfect length and I like what you paired it with. So glad you are back blogging!


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