style q: accessorizing lace dress for black-tie wedding

Reader Question: 
I wondered, do you ever give fashion advice?  I bought a dress for a black tie wedding I have coming up and am stumped on how to accessorize it.  (It has black lace on the bodice that is throwing me off)

I've included a couple (really poor quality) pics below of my dress.  I'm definitely not a photographer. Anyway, hopefully you can see the black lace with nude/cream underlay behind it.  I know statement necklaces are big right now but would that be too much detail all together?  Maybe a bigger glitzy bracelet/cuff would be best? 

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My Response:
Thanks so much! I'm so glad you enjoy the blog! I don't typically do any styling of other people but I would be happy to try to see if I have any ideas for how to accessorize.

From your pictures - I think you're right in that the pretty lace detail on the front of the dress has enough interest on its own.

I think you have three options for accessories - black, metallic or a color. I've attached a polyvore image of what I'd pick out if it were me for those three options. The accessories I picked are all basically strappy heels, drop style earrings, fun clutch and interesting cuff bracelet. (A fun ring would be another options instead of the cuff.)
(All link options below are under $50)

Gold Accessories - Left
 Black Accessories - Top Right
 Color Accessories - Bottom Right
(I picked green but you could do any color you liked!)
Also here are two pictures examples of Angelina Jolie & Kate Middleton with similar accessorizing ideas.


  1. Hi! This is my first comment on your blog, even though I read a lot and enjoy it. I agree that the lace bodice is enough of a statement by itself. Great earrings and maybe bracelet but it's one of those dresses that begs for simplicity. It'll be classier with less. To the reader who posted the question, you look great in it so just rock it as is. :)

    1. Definitely good advice! Less is more for looking sophisticated!

  2. Where is the dress in your polyvore picture from?

    1. It's a Stella McCartney dress -

      A girl can dream right? :)


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