guest post: grown-up essentials

My sister is traveling the world with her husband so her little sis (me!) will be taking over for the next week. I recently graduated from college and am starting a "big girl" job in July. I've been thinking about what clothing items I will need. My college wardrobe mostly consists of workout attire and younger going out clothes. I want to look more grown up with my new grown up job.

I made a little graphic with some starter grown up pieces. Some of these items are a little pricey, but I think the basics are worth splurging. I wouldn't recommend trying to buy all of the items at once, but definitely great investment pieces to try to acquire through the year!

1. A blazer is a must. It can be worn for so many different occasions in adult life. From work to errands to shopping it just works! Pictured: J. Crew Blazer 

2. I currently own an anorak from Old Navy. I love it, but I want to invest in a warmer, more durable one as I wear it alllll the time. Pictured: TopShop Anorak

3 A white oxford is a must. Again, it can double as a work piece and a casual piece. Pair with trousers/pencil skirt for work or distressed denim and your awesome blazer for a casual look. Pictured: Ralph Lauren Oxford

4. A leather jacket is an item to definitely spend some money on. I haven't come across a cheap leather jacket that doesn't look cheap. Pictured: Ellie Tahari Leather Jacket

5. While I don't think you should throw away your distressed denim- I think they still work in the adult world- I do think a nice sleek pair of jeans is a necessity. Pictured: Seven For All Mankind Jeans

6. These flats are perfect for work and play. Pictured: Tory Burch Flat

7. A structured tote will replace my backpack. This size should fit a laptop, small purse and other small random items. Pictured: Michael Kors Tote

8. A cashmere cardigan may not be necessary, but it will be warm and cozy! I wouldn't mind saving up for one of these. Maybe one a little less pricey. Pictured: Chinti and Parker Cardigan

9. I own a few black dresses, but they are very young (ahem-short). A little black dress is a wardrobe must. This one is timeless and appropriate. Pictured: Tory Burch Dress

10. My pajamas are large T-shirts. This J.Crew Pajama Set is a grown up version of what I wear.

11. I won't be able to go to the grocery store in a ratty tee and Nike shorts. This Fossil Dress is perfect for casual occasions.


  1. What a great list! I would only replace no.2 with a trench coat but that's totally down to personal preference.

    1. Thanks! A classic trench should definitely make the list!

  2. Good picks! I would definitely add a good pair of black dress pants that you can wear to work or winter events (I like Ann Taylor's) and a gray pencil skirt - I have a very inexpensive one that I end up wearing at least once a week to work when it's warm outside.

    1. Black pants are a great work staple! I have two pairs and wear them to death!


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