Guest outfit post - sister week: military jacket, chambray shirt, striped tee, black flats

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So this may be a little out of season but I'm moving from Florida to Ohio for my job and I'm thinking about the pieces I already own that I will be able to layer for some more warmth. This may not suffice in the dead of winter, but it will definitely help me while transitioning.



  1. Ooh, that's quite the transition! I hope that your first winter doesn't end up being like the last winter we had here in Ohio...that would be quite the trial by fire. Er, ice. And snow. And negative temps.

  2. This would make the perfect outfit for late spring or mid-fall here in SW Ohio. Last winter was brutal! I'd highly recommend investing in a down parka that comes down to your knees.

  3. This is a good Fall outfit for the north. Toss on a pair of brown knee-high riding boots and you're good. For snow, get a decent pair of snow boots. Sorrels are excellent and they last forever.

  4. Love the layering in this outfit - so cute!

  5. You're moving to Ohio?! Welcome to the neighborhood! Great layering look.



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