outfit post: black & white patterned crepe shift dress, black flats, teal clutch

Inspiration - Target

I went ahead and purchased the clutch I mentioned in my last shopping post. I was really excited to upgrade my 'going out' bag. I picked the fun teal color and anxiously waited for it to arrive. Once it came and I had it in hand I was a little surprised by how big it was. I then realized I didn't look at the measurements (rookie internet buying mistake!) before I bought it.

I decided to embrace the larger-then-expected size (yay room for more stuff) and bring it out to dinner with my hubby and extended visiting family. Soon as my husband (who doesn't often have much of an opinion on my clothing/bags/shoes) saw the bag - he asks,

"What IS that?"
Umm new cute envelope clutch?
"It's so big! Are you planning on bringing some contracts to dinner? Hahahahaha!"

And then for the rest of the night it was, "Hey I need to mail some documents - anyone have a giant envelope I can use?" He thought it was hilarious. Sooo, while I still like it enough to keep it, lesson learned - pay more attention to product details before making internet purchases!



  1. Ah, husbands, what do they know? I love it and think it looks great!

    1. Apparently they don't know cute clutches! :) Thanks!

  2. I usually disregard any such comments made by my husband! :) I think the dress and clutch look fabulous together. It adds just the right pop of colour. You look great!

  3. I think it's really cute! It is bigger than a typical clutch, but that's not necessarily a bad thing..... Great dress too!

  4. My husband would total do the same thing. And he would think it was hilarious, too.

    I love the clutch--very cute.

  5. That clutch is a such a pretty color! It will be perfect for spring and summer!

  6. I think the clutch is super cute! And the color is great.



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