outfit post: black maxi, brown sandals, sunburst pendant

Inspiration - Calvin Klein

Last week was a whirlwind of work and obligations and just stuff so by the weekend I was beat - lots of naps & netflix. (Um, hello House of Cards.) This dress feels like pajamas. Easy stretchy dress to throw on to run to the grocery store because the fridge is bare and still look cute? Yes please.

Need to get busy and double time take outfit posts this week to build up a queue because Friday I am traveling on VACATION for two weeks! Yippee! Finally a non-work trip! My husband and I have been talking about visiting Thailand for the seven years that we've known each other and we're finally doing it! Super excited! Now I just need to get some extra posts together so you guys will be entertained until I get back. :)



  1. Enjoy Thailand! My husband and I were just there in January - it's beautiful!

  2. Oh, so jealous! Thailand is ahhh-mazing! One of my favorite places in the world. Dreaming of going back someday. Hope you fall in love with it too!

  3. Take your rest, enjoy your holidays and we will be here to enjoy your great outfits. Thanks for caring!

  4. How cool MK :)
    Looking fwd to the pictures you might share...

  5. What an exciting vacation! Woohoo! Love this dress!

  6. Crazy jealous of your trip to Thailand!! Please please post some pictures! Love the simple dress, it fits you so well.



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