Saturday, March 1, 2014

outfit post: striped shirt, grey boyfriend cardigan, black mini skirt, black flats

Inspiration - Death by Elocution

I think the two main things that I have to restrain myself from over-buying are cardigans and shirts with stripes. Every time I see one of those my brain says, "Ohhhh pretty! I want this!" I wear both stripes & cardigans a ton so I don't feel that bad when I give in but I am trying to be smart about my impulses - there is definitely an upper limit to how many striped shirts I should own! (I think I am at 6 striped shirts... eep.)

So an outfit that combines both a cardigan AND striped shirt? Obviously already my favorite.

Grey boyfriend cardigan worn previously:


      1. This is such a smart casual outfit. I'm up to two striped tops and one striped skirt.

      2. I have an addiction to striped shirts and cardigans too. I have way too many cardigans, but they're definitely my go-to for workwear, so at least they get worn!

        1. I agree! Although I might also be a cardigan addiction enabler! :)

      3. Hi MK! I'm going to Chicago for a little weekend getaway in a few weeks and was wondering what you'd pack for a winter weekend getaway! I've been looking at your other one suitcase series to help me come up with my own plan but I'd love to hear what you'd do! :) Your blog is my favorite style blog... I'm afraid I've come to depend on it! ha

        1. I'm so glad you enjoy the blog! The One Suitcase that has the most winter clothes is this post-

      4. I am just the same, cardigans and stripes have a strong appeal for me. This is fantastic outfit - simple but put together.



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