Wednesday, March 26, 2014

outfit post: polka-dot tie neck blouse, navy pencil skirt, burgundy heels

Inspiration - J.Crew

Yay for day two of tie neck blouses! I love this look.

As I was putting this post together I got a nagging feeling that the outfit & inspiration were familiar. Poked around in the blog flipcard view and saw that I have already used this inspiration for an almost identical outfit back in October 2012. Whoopsie.

Although that's a long time ago and it was a different skirt & shoes... so this is sorta new? Showing repeats is definitely more realistic to what I actually wear - but I think that would mostly be boring to see the same things over & over. So the days that the blog has any other kind of post then an actual outfit are usually days that I'm repeating wearing something in real life that has already been posted.

(We had SUNSHINE all day yesterday here in Ireland! I was beautiful. Too bad I was stuck in conference rooms and didn't get to properly enjoy it.)



  1. Completely digging this outfit! The navy monotone is gorgeous!!

  2. A tie neck blouse is DEFINITELY something that needs to get into my closet. I love this one in particular, might have to copy! ;) -- paloma

    1. I think I'm up to four now - 2 H&M and 2 Forever 21. They are such great work no-brainers. Please copy away! :)

  3. You really scored on these F21 tie-neck blouses, the one from yesterday and today are both really nice. I like this version of the outfit better, but the previous one was really cute too. Psssh no shame in repeating outfits...if I had a blog I wouldn't be able to post something new most days because I repeat so often.

    1. Thanks! That makes me feel better if more repeats happen to show up here. :)

  4. I agree with Elizabeth. I like this outfit better. It was worth the repeat. :)



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