outfit post: pink tie front blouse, grey pencil skirt, black pointed toe heels

Inspiration - Pinterest 
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Tie neck blouses might be my favorite type work shirt. They are so easy to wear with any pants, skirt, cardigan or jacket and I feel like they take "clothing put on together" and turn it into "an outfit". Very much the same way putting on the right jewelry or a good jacket can do. And when you wear them you don't need to think about necklaces or interesting earrings because there is fun detail in the blouse. Yay for less thinking in the morning.

(Will try to upload some of my pictures from my work trip to Ireland so far. It's going great. So far this week we're getting a bit of good weather mixed with rain. Pretty typical I imagine.)

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  1. Such a pretty top! And those heels are to die for!

    Melanie @UnraveledThreads

  2. Gotta love a good secretary blouse. And the fabric is so cute!

  3. I also love those heels. Can you comment on their comfort level? Thanks.

  4. They are about par for the course compared to my other Nine West heels? Not especially comfortable, they definitely are flats or sneakers, but they don't outright hurt my feet either. Maybe a 5/6 out of 10 - 1 being sneakers/slippers and 10 being immediate blister causing shoes.


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