Monday, February 17, 2014

outfit post: striped shirt, cognac jacket, rockstar skinny jeans, mustard scarf, black ankle booties

Inspiration - See Jane

Finally made it home! I got to the Frankfurt airport early Friday morning to find my flight home through Charlotte was cancelled due to weather. So they had automatically rebooked me on the same flight on Monday. Um, Monday? After waiting in a million lines I was able to get a flight to a different Florida airport early Saturday morning. (The new flight went through "Dusseldorf" which for a moment thought was "Dumbledor" which would have been awesome for a Harry Potter geek like me.) So I spent the night at a hotel next to Frankfurt airport and had myself a romantic Valentine's dinner for one.

Thankfully travel on Saturday was smooth. I arrived in Florida, rented a car and was able to make my Grandfather's 81st birthday dinner with about an hour to spare! Yay!


Here are some airport snaps from my travel days:


  1. Welcome back! That scarf looks great with your super-dark jeans. And I think it's hard to go wrong with a simple striped shirt.

  2. Love the outfit. The jacket is a dream.
    We were just 2 hrs away from each other :) we r only 2 hrs from Frankfurt.
    New on the blog:

    1. Germany was beautiful and the food was awesome! I can't wait for the chance to go back!

  3. LOVE the cognac jacket. Looks fantastic with the stripes.

  4. Just found your site. I love it. I actually like your choice of shoes better than the inspiration. Really cute and stylish outfit.

  5. Crazy travel! Glad you made it home safely and were able to celebrate with your family!




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