outfit post: pink check shirt, grey cashmere sweater, black pants

Inspiration - Actor Brian J. O'Donnell (found googling 'pink check shirt')

Over the two weeks I was in Germany I noticed that lots of the guys I worked with would wear plaid shirts, layered sweaters and work pants as a basic daily uniform. They looked professional, comfortable and stylish. I'm always one to jump into things guys are up to if it suits my needs - so I put together this outfit to mimic the 'boys club' look. Added a fun pink color check and a pretty necklace to girly it up a little bit. :)

After I wrote a whole post about how I curate my shopping list last weekend - I had the opportunity to stop by the H&M in Heidelberg after work one day. I didn't come across anything I mentioned in the list but I did find quite a few other things. So to be more accurate I need to go back to that shopping post and add an asterisk that says, "I mostly shop for these things in this way by making a list blah blah blah... unless I go rogue and impulse shop."

Here is what I purchased at H&M on my impulse trip:


  1. So cute! Makes me almost want a pink shirt!
    MK, visiting your blog has become part of my evening ritual BUT has become hazardous to my shopping budget. :)
    I can tell you that I loved my first H&M trench coat so much that I bought the black and taupe shorter versions. They certainly aren't Burberry quality, but are well-made, look great in person and hold up well. In fact, I survived the polar vortex during several business trips wearing the long version and a scarf, and that's saying a lot for someone living in Arizona!

  2. Love this, and you wear it effortlessly!

  3. I LOVE pink and grey together. The gingham and the soft sweater are a great combo, and I love that you used a male's picture for your inspiration!



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