outfit post: navy zipper sweater, jacquard weave skirt, black riding boots

Inspiration - Kenzas

Wore this on the last Friday of my Germany trip. Little more casual then I typically dress onsite with client but I knew from previous Friday that everyone else would be in jeans - so I figured it was okay. (And the tights I wore to work were completely opaque but I accidentally ripped those so this picture is in normal tights that are sorta sheer. With darker tights I felt better about the skirt length.)

I feel like planning clothing for winter work is so utilitarian. I'm always focused on keeping warm so I lose a lot the fun that can be part of getting dressed. So it gets a little boring. I really liked adding a fun patterned skirt in a twirly shape to my normal uniform of pants & sweaters and more sweaters & pants.



  1. I really love this outfit. That sweater looks lovely with the skirt pattern.

  2. I like the pop of color in the skirt!


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