outfit post: navy zipper sweater, blue pinstripe button down, grey dress pants

Inspiration - The Limited

I've been repeating my warmest & favorite clothes lots and lots lately. Mostly because I've been living out of a suitcase for three of the last four weeks. But, as a general life rule not just a traveling guideline, I think it's fine to get tons of wear out of classic neutral items. I'm all for wearing the same sweater a few times in a week for a few weeks in a row. I think because things like this navy sweater is an understated items - when you re-wear it, it is less obvious you're on repeat then if you wore trendy bright item like say a embellished pink sweater. When I get busy with work and have less time to think about clothes - or I don't have lots of options in my suitcase - I'm totally fine with wearing a small set of the exact same outfits for weeks on end.



  1. I completely agree that it's less noticeable when you re-wear classic, neutral items. I have a heather gray v-neck sweater that I pretty much wear once a week, but if you change up the pants or wear fun shoes or jewelry, it's a whole new outfit.

    I do the same when I travel for work - all neutral items and mix and match them all week long. The beauty of staple items!


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