outfit post: february 2014 shopping wishlist #2

Today's post is the next segment in the discussion about my shopping habits (first post here):

How do I decide to buy something? 

When I go shopping I have my mental list of items I'm interested in finding. When I come across one of the items, or a cool new find I hadn't considered, I always try them on. I try to be super good about only only purchasing things that I really really love. Things that I get excited about when I try them on. Excited being when you do that little happy dance/twirl/pose in the mirror when you see yourself. Or when you like it even more then what you're wearing at the moment and wish you could change into it for the rest of your shopping day. Excited not being a discussion with yourself welllll mayyyybeee if I lose 5 lbs/stand up straight/try it on at home it might be okay. If you're talking yourself into it for any reason - pass.

When I'm doing a good job at only buying pieces I love, then I don't end up returning very many things. (I haaate returning things. I just don't often have time to go to stores twice in the return period.) But every so often I will realize something doesn't work and I will take it back. But that's a pretty infrequent occurrence. Less then once a year?

As far as factoring price into those happy-dance items - I'll pay a little more for things that I know I'll wear more often (jeans, blouses I really love) and things that should look nicer for big events at work (suits). But as a really rough estimate if something is worth the price - I calculate $1-2 per wear for normal clothes and $5-10 a wear for special occasions. So if I really like a $12 shirt at Target it'd be worth buying if I'd wear it 6-12 times (and if I'm at F21 - will it survive 6-12 washes!)... and likewise I could justify buying a nicer dress for $50 if I'd wear it to 5-10 special events... It's not a hard and fast rule - if I reeeeally love something I might just ignore it - but as an estimate tool, to figure out if something costs too much, it gives me a good starting place to make the decision...
  • Lace Top - I like really like basics with a twist. White shirts go with everything but when you add a little lace it makes the outfit a little more special & interesting. 
  • Green Khaki Pants-I wear jeans all. the. time. So I'd like to find an alternative casual pant (full length or cropped) to throw on with a t-shirt & jean jacket to run around doing errands in.
  • Chambray Dress - I wear my chambray shirts all the time. I think I would get a ton of wear out of a chambray/denim dress also. I could see wearing it with ankle boots and a knit cardigan this spring and with a metallic belt and colored flats all summer long. The one in the picture above is Target. I need to get myself to a store to try it on!
  • Metallic Flats - I love my red round toe ballet flats. I think it would be fun to add a pair of pointed toe flats to my wardrobe. And metallic could be really cool done right. 
  • Gold Studs - I had a Target pair of woven knots that turned green/gross. I'd like to keep my eye out for an understated nicer upgraded pair for work.
  • Printed Pant - I like the top half of my body better then then bottom half. So I'm always hesitant to draw too much attention to it. It took me forever to join the colored pant club but I eventually did with blue pants and purple pants. Both of which I wear a ton. So I am thinking about branching out into some printed pants this summer. It'd have to be just the right pair.
  • Blue Cardigan - I love cobalt blue. I have a cardigan addiction. Realized I have light blue/teal and navy cardigans but no royal or cobalt blue. Should probably fix that.
  • Mirrored Sunglasses- My sister has a pair of green mirrored Ray-Bands. I love love love mirrored lenses. I want to steal them from her. Probably would be better just to buy my own. Maybe in blue?
  • Navy Pumps - Now that I have my navy suit I think a pair of navy pumps would be a good work closet addition. I think navy can look so sophisticated done right. I particularly like it with greys, bright pinks & kelly greens...


  1. Yay shopping list! I love this and may have to make my own.

    I definitely want a chambray dress. I also have a cardigan addiction, but I'm okay with that. My metallic flats are some of my faves so you should get some soon!

    On my list right now--a chambray shirt, bright jersey pencil skirt, wide belt, purple flats. Also I really want the Athleta Chi tank in bright orange and a yoga mat bag :)

    1. Yay! Fun to hear what other people are buying. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Love those printed pants! I'm not a fan of my bottom half, but I've actually grown to really love my pair of polka dot pants!

    1. That's great to hear. Now I just have to find the right pair!

  3. Oh! I was looking for a answer about how to buy things and here you are! Thank you!
    But the only problem with me is that I very seldom, really VERY seldom feel THAT feeling you wrote about. I remember only one thing - red coat - which I really wanted ( and I'm 36!). Do you think smth is wrong with me or with the range of clothes in our shops in Russia?
    And the second question - you say to try a thing on. Does that mean that you do not buy through Internet ( is it a correct use of preposition, by the way?)
    Thank you in advance!

    1. Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit about the feeling. More along the lines of your feel really good about how you look once you put it on and you're not pulling at a hem or trying to stand in a certain way to convince yourself to like the item.

      I do buy from the internet but mostly only from stores that I already know how their sizing fits me. I think it is so annoying that I'll be one size in one store and two sizes different in another - that makes online shopping hard. But lots of stores have good shipping and return policies. So in those cases you can order a variety of sizes and test out which works best for you!

  4. Oh how I wish I could be like you and not return stuff! I can never decide in the store and usually shop in a hurry on my lunch break, so I end up having to take stuff home to "assess". I return a lot of things, and agreed - it's exhausting and I hate it. I need to work on that.

    I recently jumped on the printed pant wagon and went with a subtle black/white pair like you mentioned. I love them, and they go with much more than I thought they would. These are the ones I got (my complaint is they stretch very easy, resulting in saggy bottom) -


  5. I just got a pair of cropped army green pants from JCrew and I cannot wait to wear them. If only it would warm up! Those printed pants are great.



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