outfit post: navy suit jacket, navy pencil skirt, teal sweater, black riding boot

Where I wore this - Minnesota Client Workshop Day 1

Post 2/6 - First day onsite in Minnesota. High of 3°. Oh man. My strategy was layering. I wore a black thermal undershirt, under a really warm teal sweater and topped those with my suit jacket. On the bottom I put on my pencil skirt, fleece tights, wool socks and boots. I originally thought I'd switch to heels at the office but my feet were so happy in the socks & boots (and everyone else was wearing boots too) that I just decided to stick with warmth.

This was all topped with my winter coat, scarf and knit hat (covered my ears versus the cloche hat which didn't) for my dash from the hotel to the car and from the car to the front door of the office. I was really lucky that I didn't have to spend more then a minute or so outside each day getting to and from the car.  

This outfit ended up being fine for inside. I thought I'd be too hot and have to undo layers. But I was actually nice and comfy all day. (This outfit is so similar to Monday's suit post I'm going to post a second outfit today.)